About Detect A Drug

At Detect A Drug we subscribe to the ethos that all families and small businesses should have access to world class, yet affordable drug testing systems.
Detect a Drug is a South African based company with international trade links and has been nominated as an agent by Drug Detective (Pty) Ltd to develop a distribution network nationwide.
Through professionalism, productivity, and service excellence, we aim to achieve maximum market penetration and by doing so assist individuals, families and our communities at large.

Detect a Drug’s vision is to curb the use and abuse of illegal drugs in our schools, homes, communities and workplaces.

In the fight against drugs and drug addiction, Detect a Drug’s mission is to provide every individual, home, family, school, welfare organisation, rehabilitation centre and small to medium business with quality forensic technology in the form of an easy to use, accurate and affordable drug testing solution.

In addition to our marketing and sales platform, Detect a Drug is able to provide the following services:
- Presentations
- On-site training
- On-site screening/testing

The War On Drugs Part 1 - Article

The War on Drugs: Is It Time to Change?  Part 1
View this article online here: http://sacsis.org.za/site/article/346.1

South Africa has one of the highest rates of drug abuse in the world. The most commonly abused drugs are alcohol and dagga (cannabis). The abuse of chemical stimulants such as TIK (methamphetamine) has recently soared. Other synthesised drugs like cocaine, heroin and mandrax remain deeply problematic, both to users and society.
The drug scourge is an historical international problem linked to globally connected and well resourced criminal enterprises. Russian, Italian, Columbian, Chinese, Nigerian and European gangs and networks all play a role in the lucrative manufacture and trade in illicit drugs. 
The "War on Drugs," declared by President Nixon has been a thirty eight year failure. Billions of dollars have been wasted while the numbers of people taking, making, and trading in drugs has risen inexorably. The social costs have been massive with over 6 million people arrested for cannabis possession in the US alone between 1992 and 2006.

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Our Product

Detect A Drug

Drug Detective is the culmination of years of research and development by a prominent group of scientists in the forensic and biochemistry fields. It is a high quality drug test kit developed specifically for law enforcement and associated applications that is cost-effective. The kit is easy to use and extremely accurate.

Drug users or drug dealers always leave trace amounts of their drugs on everything they touch: Cell phones, clothing, packages, school bags, luggage handles, desktops, computer keyboards, toilet seat covers, etc. Read More...

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Drug Types

Amphetamine   Opium   CAT
Cocaine   Crystal Meth   eXTACY
Hashish   Heroin   Marijuana