Hashish is a preparation of cannabis composed of the compressed stalked resin glands called trichomes, collected from the cannabis plant. It contains the same active ingredients but in higher concentrations than other parts of the plant such as the buds or the leaves.
Psychoactive effects are the same as those of other cannabis preparations such as marijuana. It is sometimes believed that the effects are different, but those differences usually stem from variations between regionally different Cannabis specimens, that are more traditionally processed into hashish.

Hashish is often a solid or paste-like substance of varying hardness and pliability,
and will soften under heat. Its color can vary from green, yellow, black, reddish brown, or most commonly light to dark brown.

Street Names
Boom, Chronic, Gangster, Hash, Oil, Hemp, Blunt, Dope, Ganja, Herb, Joint, Mary Jane, Pot, Reefer, Skunk, Weed

Routes of administration
It is consumed in much the same way as cannabis buds, used by itself in a screened miniature smoking pipe, hookah, bong or bubbler, vaporized, hot knifed, or smoked in joints mixed with tobacco, cannabis buds, or other herbs.
It can also be eaten alone as well as used as an ingredient in food.

Hashish euphoria may last a few hours, however the effect of hashish can last up to several days or weeks, depending on the amount taken. 

Physical Effects
Short-term effects of hash
altered perception
dilated pupils
impaired concentration & memory
dry mouth & throat
increased heart rate
fear & anxiety
cravings for sweets, referred to by drug users as "munchies"
Poor muscular coordination, slurred speech, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea and reddening of the eyes.
Concentration, short-term memory, driving ability, stability, balance, ability to process information and judgement are all markedly impaired.
User feels calm, relaxed, talkative and giddy.
Sensory perception seems enhanced, colours brighter, sounds more distinct.
Appetite, reaction time, pulse rate and pupil size are increased.
Sense of time and space distorted.
Some users withdraw, or experience fearfulness, spontaneous laughter, anxiety, depression; users experience hallucinations, paranoia and panic reactions with larger doses and symptoms worsen in persons with psychiatric disorders, particularly schizophrenia.

Long-term effects of hash
reduced levels of male & female hormone
damage to sperm or menstrual cycles
temporary loss of fertility in men and women
loss of motivation clinically referred to as "Amotivational syndrome" (this loss of interest in motivation to work, attend school, loss of interest in sports, family, etc can also just be a symptom of drug addiction in general)
lung damage, cancer, bronchitis
lowered ability to deal with frustration and other unpleasant feelings
decrease of immunity against infection
interferes with emotional growth and the personality development of adolescents 
Increased risk of cancers, of the oral cavity, pharynx, and esophagus.
Respiratory system damaged by smoking.
Disruption in menstrual cycle, decreased sperm count, possible congenital abnormalities are also some of the effects.
Psychological effects include panic reactions, psychosis, a motivational syndrome, diminished drive, lessened ambition and decreased motivation.
Impaired educational attainment and significant adjustment problems

Withdrawal Effects
Any person, even though much accustomed to consume them, can leave the habit , although for a week or so it will have some symptoms as sleepiness, lost of appetite and anger.

It is impossible for a person to die from an overdose of hashish. But a person who had a very large amount of hashish could start feeling sick, or feeling strange.

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