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Detect A Drug

Drug Detective is the culmination of years of research and development by a prominent group of scientists in the forensic and biochemistry fields. It is a high quality drug test kit developed specifically for law enforcement and associated applications that is cost-effective. The kit is easy to use and extremely accurate.

Drug users or drug dealers always leave trace amounts of their drugs on everything they touch: Cell phones, clothing, packages, school bags, luggage handles, desktops, computer keyboards, toilet seat covers, etc.

These trace amounts of illicit drugs can now be detected on any surface suspected using the Drug Detective kit.
You will need only a few nanograms (ten billionth of a gram!) of the illicit drugs to be wiped from the surface suspected and to follow the easy instructions leaflet enclosed in the kit.
In addition, the Drug Detective kit can be used to detect any raw drug directly, a benefit not possible with other current rapid drug detection kits.

Since its official market launch in July 2006, Drug Detective has established itself as the leader in this growing segment of the drugs of abuse marketplace.

“New” and “Improved” technology allows for the detection of parent drugs at nanogram levels sensitivity (ten billionth of a gram; levels previously unheard of!)

Drug Detective is a non-confrontational tool to determine drug use.
A persons constitutional rights are not breached as this is a non-interventional test – no urine, blood or saliva need to be used.  Having said this, Drug Detective can also be used for these fluids, if necessary.

Market Overview:

Drugs of abuse testing primarily utilizes blood, urine, or saliva testing as the main detection. 
Urine testing is laborious and needs same sex collectors for the sample; it is also time consuming in that you cannot force a person to urinate on demand; urine sampling can be easily adulterated on purpose to give misrepresented (phoney) results.
Oral fluid testing eliminates the need for urine collection and same sex collectors as well as offer on-site testing anytime and anywhere, but is limited to detection of drugs only in saliva and cannot therefore be used to detect drugs in/on a persons clothing/hands, or to confirm that a suspicious powder is in fact an illicit drug; it therefore becomes an interventional testing means which impinges on a persons rights and makes the bureaucratic process even longer and more technical.
Drug Detective comprehensively supersedes other traditional methods for drug testing in a more accurate and cost effective manner, and always in a socially acceptable method of testing. 


- A drug detection kit that detects traces of illicit drugs on any type of surface and on any drug format directly rather than using urine, saliva, or blood for drug detection.

- No more urine! No more “shy bladder” defense!

- Eliminates the need for gender specific operator.

- Non-invasive and discreet.  Nobody needs to know drug detection is being performed.

- Virtually impossible to adulterate.

- Test tablets, resins, powders, plants, etc. directly or on surfaces for traces invisible to the human eye – this is not possible with urine, saliva or blood. 

- Improved sensitivity for parent drugs of any of the commonly used narcotics and even for mixed drug concoctions.

- No operator training required.

- Complete test kit includes all components needed for testing.

- Novel design allows for sampling to be kept sealed and forwarded for further confirmation at Police level for court acceptance.

- Will detect newer drugs like TIK, CAT because of ultra sensitive detection level of active ingredients – not possible with any current drug test in the world.

- Simple procedure.  Easy to use - can be used anywhere at any time.
Results in 10 minutes.  Immediate negative results mean cost-effective decisions not to pursue further.

- Any environment, any surface can be checked for illicit drugs.

- Control the environment, safeguard potential users.

- Competitive price.

- Save time and money on further testing for unknown suspicious substances when in fact they are not illicit drugs.

- Save on confirmatory drug testing at Police level by informing technician of which drug to check for.

If you suspect, here is a way to detect !!!

This product is manufactured in South Africa

Made in RSA  

Drug Types tested by Detect A Drug

Amphetamine   Opium   CAT
Cocaine   Crystal Meth   eXTACY
Hashish   Heroin   Marijuana



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